New Website

We recently redesigned our website so that it is easier to navigate on mobile devices. See before and after shots below.

Original Website

Updated Website

Rate Changes

Email Hosting
Google Mail recently announced a $1 per user price increase.

Email Filtering
The Email Laundry recently announced a price increase as well.

If you are subscribed to Email Filtering or Google Email Hosting, you will see a price adjustment on your next invoice.

Service Changes

Web Hosting
Is your website still running on PHP5? Please be aware that PHP5 no longer provides security updates and will NOT be supported when we upgrade our web servers to Debian 10 later this year. We will contact individual customers who are still using PHP5.

Automatic Payments

Are you still mailing your payments by check? Customers who are enrolled in automatic electronic ACH payments receive discounted service pricing. Learn how to enroll at

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