Hosting Designed for Developers

Datility Networks has been providing web hosting and support specifically for advanced software developers since 2001. 


Standard Hosting Features

Manage your customer accounts from any desktop or mobile device.

Access your customer website files securely using FTP/SSL or SFTP.

Your hosting payments are automatically collected via ACH.

Your secure managed servers are hosted on Amazon Web Services.

Give your clients password-protected access to server-side statistics.

We manage the entire migration of your customer websites to Datility!


Hosting Plans & Pricing


Reliable Web Hosting

Experienced System Administrators

Datility has extensive experience managing our Linux-based servers that provide reliable web hosting for developers since 2001.

Reliable Server Platform

Datility hosting services are managed by our midwest-based staff and rely on Amazon Web Services infrastructure.

Continuous Monitoring

Datility uses our internal monitoring and alerts to identify and resolve most issues before they ever affect your customer websites.

Join the Datility Family

Did an existing customer tell you about our services? Have them send us a recommendation so we can help you open a new account. We only accept new accounts through existing customer referrals.