Enroll in Automatic Payments

Datility Networks offers the option to enroll in Automatic Payments from your bank account so you can avoid manually sending an online payment, or printing and mailing checks each month. Most customers prefer the convenience of automatic payments.

This article explains our Electronic Payment options, billing/reminder/payment schedule, and how to send us your bank account or credit card information.

Monthly Billing and Payment Schedule

The following monthly schedule applies to all customers who enroll in automatic payments:

  • Monthly on 1st: We will email your service invoice(s) to your billing contact.
  • Monthly on 20th: We will email payment reminder(s) to your billing contact.
  • Monthly on 26th: We will process your automatic electronic payment(s).

NOTE: If the payment date is a weekend or bank holiday, your payment is processed on the next business day.

Enrolling in Automatic Payments

Enroll in Automatic Payments from your bank account by downloading and completing the “Datility Networks eCheck Authorization Form” here:

Datility Networks – eCheck Authorization Form 2018.pdf

If your bank account or monthly fee has changed, you will need to submit updated form(s) for payment accounts or payment amounts.

Form Instructions

A sample form is shown below. Be sure to fill out each of the following fields on the form:

  • A: DATE of first payment
  • B: AMOUNT of your monthly payment
  • C: Bank ROUTING number (9 digits) and ACCOUNT number (4-20 digits)
  • D: NAME of your company
  • E: Your SIGNATURE, your NAME, and today’s DATE

Submit Form(s) Online

Scan your signed forms to a PDF file. Use our secure Support Request form to send the PDF file. Please include the following information to help us expedite your request:

  • Your Email Address
  • Subject: “Payment Form for NAME” (replace NAME with your business name)
  • Description: Include optional notes or special requests here.
  • Attachments: Attach your signed PDF file(s) here.

Submit Form(s) by Fax

Fax the signed form(s) to our office at 316-263-4829.

Submit Form(s) by Mail

Mail the signed form(s) to the payment address shown on your most recent invoice.

Frequent Payment Questions

  • Is it possible to pay a single invoice from multiple bank accounts?
    No. If you need to pay from multiple bank accounts, we must generate a separate invoice for each payment.
  • Do I need to attach a voided check or deposit slip?
    No. Our payment processor does not require a copy of your voided check or deposit slip unless we have trouble processing your payment.

Printable Form

Datility Networks – eCheck Authorization Form 2018.pdf